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Web Design Made Easy!

All N1 has three simple options to get your website up and going quickly. The first option is for those with no time we can simply design a fully responsive website for you or your organization.

The second option we provide is to install for you a web building software such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Preta Shop, Magento or Moodle.

The last option allows you to do it yourself with little or no experience using Boldgrid a drag and drop solution that works on top of Wordpress. This allows you to do it yourself with no experience.
  • Business Websites
  • Member Websites
  • Blogs
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Educational Websites
  • Much, Much More!

TOP 3 Differences Between SSD And HDD Hosting

The first difference which is the most obvious is the mechanics of the two drives or the way they are built. A good example would be a record player as opposed to an Ipod. In order for a record player to start playing a song it has to get up to speed then lift the needle arm and drop the needle before starting to play. However and Ipod has no moving parts it simply finds the stored music file and starts to play with no mechanical movement needed. 

This brings about the second difference in the two drives. Although I am not old enough to have done it myself I remember my mother replacing the record player needles or the belt, motor and even then an occasional scratch on the record would effect the playing of music. Because there are no moving parts in a Ipod it simply becomes a more durable solution.

The Number One Difference Between SSD And HDD Hosting

The third and last but yet number one difference between SSD and HDD hosting is speed. Speed becomes a natural bi-product of any mechanical device when you remove the need to have moving parts. A Hard Disk Drive or HDD has a spinning disk with a arm that has a head to read data. A Solid State Drive has no moving parts and almost locates the required data immediately. This increases the speed for locating data dramatically.


Why is SSD A Better Hosting Solution

The above chart shows staggering differences between the two. Your website my be filled with articles, products, videos, pictures files or just multiple pages. If you had a number of visitors requesting to see all of this data which type of drive would you want your hosting company to have in there network? All of our ALL N1 Hosting plans offer SSD technology. Be sure when choosing your hosting company to choose speed and durability.

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