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It is impossible today to purchase a standard hosting package with a general web builder application an launch a successful website. Although the top web hosting websites that claim to provide some of the best web hosting features continue to roll out thousands of new sites every day. For some reason however they never address the need for easy to use anaytics, the importance for full responsive web design with proper media content. Cookie cutter advertising coupons or little to no online marketing leaves the customer throwing rocks into a ocean looking for a tidal wave of targeted customers that simply will not come. All N1 provides absolutely the most complete hosting solution.

The Only 4in1 Hosting Analytics


Owning a website and not having the ability to know who is visiting your site in real time, is like owning a restaurant with no way to take orders or know what your customers want. Realytics Hub gives you the opportunity to know who is on your site, there geo location, what devise they are using to view your site, what page they are viewing and how long they have been on the page. All of this information is at your fingertips in real time.

If you desire it is also possible for you to pop up a chat window and interact with your visitors. Thats right you can initiate the dialogue helping your customers to locate the right information needed to help them make a decision. This option allows you to increase your viewers conversion rates and decrease bounce rates. We all hate when we go to a hardware store and there is no one there to ask if we need assistance. Website viewers can be just as frustrated.

The number one reason website owners shy away from web analytics is that they become hard to read and understand. Realytics Hub comes with a easy to use easy to read dashboard. Unlike Google Analytics there are no bottomless number charts that take a specialist to properly interpret. You will clearly be able to view your web analytics and page analysis in real time. The screenshot at the top of this article demonstrates the easy to use dashboard with a live streaming web monitor at the top of the page.

The Best Web Design Options

When it comes to web design it is always important to find a solution that is right for you. Having a up to date fully responsive website is important to keep the attention of visitors to convey your intended message. Our team of designers take pride in finding out what message or product you are offering and building a beautiful up to date fully responsive website.

If you desire to build your own website we have flexible options that are easy to use. We load Softaculous on every new hosting plan that allows you to choose from over 400 different web building solutions.  Web building apps such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Pretashop and Opencart just to name a few can easily be loaded by you after purchasing a hosting plan. If you want to build a Wordpress website but need a simpler interface, choose for a Boldgrid installation that allows you to use a simple control panel to build a Wordpress site.

What about media content such as pictures, videos or vector images like icons, Seriously what good is a $1.99 hosting solution when you have to go and purchase $400-$800 in images and video creation. No need to hire a video or graphic designer. No need to go to Istock or Pond5 and pay hundreds of dollars for content media all plans have complete access to All N1 Stock  In most plans we include:

  1. logo animation
  2. Facebook header video creation
  3. product or information explainer video creation.
  4. icons
  5. vector images
  6. 4k images
  7. video clips
  8. backgrounds
  9. Powerpoint slides and much much more.

Flexible Online Marketing Solutions

All N1 provides flexible and affordable marketing solutions as well. If you need marketing a $1.99 hosting plan is little help when you have to go elsewhere to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. If you decide to role up your sleeves and handle your own marketing, where do you go to get information on how to put together your own marketing campaign.

We have an extensive library on marketing how to courses. Also you will find that we have very competitive and affordable marketing solutions. We have hosting plans that include most marketing needs such as:

  1. keyword research
  2. local online marketing
  3. video marketing
  4. SEO website check ups
  5. local keyword ranking reviews
  6. global customer review ranking
  7. Google+ optimitazion reports
If you are in need of additional marketing solutions you will find it at ALL N1 hosting. Even if there is something we don't offer in our plans or or additional service we no doubt have the hired expertise to handle it. All N1 Hosting simply put is the only web development solution you will ever need.

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